Data Entry Services Pricing in India

When you are searching for a trusted data entry firm, it is essential to have an advance idea of its service charge. Otherwise you may end up paying too much beyond the fixed market rate. Our company Outsource Data Entry India always focuses on providing accurate data entry prices to the clients so that they do not feel the pinch of budget inside their wallet. Our data entry pricing structure is based on following factors mentioned below:

Though majority of our data entry services pricing is cost effective but in specific cases the data entry cost needs to be negotiated with the clients after prior discussions with them.

Indicative prices

The base data entry rate of our company is around $6 per hour which is significantly quite decent in terms of overall data entry rates in India. When it comes to catalog management, the data entry rates per hour is around $7 in accordance with current international norms. You have the chance to compare our data entry price chart with that of other software companies in the country. The data entry price of a project is mainly determined on the basis of accurate prediction of work efforts together with the number of processed records. For updating e-commerce data, our professionals charge the data entry rates per hour is around $6 without adding any hidden expenditures.


For information in this regard, you can come straight to our office or else we can forward free quotes on prices for different services at your mail address. We will also provide you advance cost estimation on the basis of your project size. Our data entry pay hour rate is quite within the budget of average person and there is no compromise on the work quality on our parts. For any type of data management our company is the ideal destination.

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