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One of the most crucial operations of a retail business is product cataloguing. These days, more and more businesses are turning click-and-mortar instead of staying confined within the mere periphery of the brick walls of their stores in order to get visible to wider section of audience. Catalog data entry is a requirement generated in this changed business scenario. We at Outsource Data Entry India understand that retail businesses are looking for faster solutions for digitizing product data from printed brochures and catalogs. We make use of optical character recognition technology to convert catalog data easier and faster.

Why Outsource Data Entry India?

Many retail business executives find little or no time for reading the small prints of the manufacturing codes and replicate the same in e-catalogs. This is because faxes and dampened product catalogs that contain product data cannot be scanned properly by human eyes and even if someone attempts to do that, it becomes a mind-numbing job for him and there are chances of errors as well. It is, therefore, imperative to take help of the latest technologies to digitize product data and we can do that job for you. We have the latest technologies with us that can streamline the process of scanning and digitizing the data. You can entrust the catalog data entry job to us, tell your executives not to waste their time and effort in this burdensome job (and ask them to do something really productive) and sit back and relax. We assure quick turnaround and impeccable outputs.

What do we do (precisely)?

Outsource Data Entry India takes pride in being serviceable to different retail business from jewelry to electronic appliances and anything in between.

We offer the following services:

Our process is simple. If you consider us for digitizing product data, we will first understand your requirements, calculate the cost and time required for completing the job and will quote you on the basis of that. We just love to complete our work much before the deadline.

If you have any queries regarding our catalog data entry services, feel free to Contact us or call us at +91 79 40009518 or +91 9909981272. We would be happy to answer your queries.

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