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Outsource Data Entry India is an all-round online/offline data entry services provider offering business card entry services for millions of professionals/enterprisers out there who get little or no time or do not have the right technologies for processing card data. We have a pool of card data entry experts who can extract and process this type of data quite efficiently, with the right technologies and infrastructure working as key ingredients of the entire modus operandi. We ensure quickest turnaround and 99% errorless production.

Why choose outsource data entry India?

Outsource Data Entry India is a trusted name in the card entry sub-sector for quite a few years now and our customers have always bestowed their faith upon us for the following reasons.

We also do credit card data entry

Besides business card data entry, we also digitize and export credit card data to csv files. We understand that reading the small prints of the credits cards and business cards and replicating the same for making databases is a tedious job altogether and reduces overall productivity of financial institutions and other types of business firms. We, therefore, offer you to entrust us with your card entry project so that you can focus in the areas that mean real business for you. Our range of card data entry service at a glance here:


We don’t take chances when it comes to credit card/business card/ID data confidentiality. We have the right infrastructure and technologies here in our India office and we will encourage you to sign an NDA with us before we start working on your project. Please check our data security policy for more details.

You can try our card entry by contacting us via Contact Us page or call us at +91 79 40009518 or +91 9909981272. We would be happy to answer your queries. We always look forward to working with new customers and we guarantee you of effective, affordable and secure data entry. Just try us!

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