Outsource Data Entry India - Frequently Ask Questions

How your company works?
Ans: We have Business Development team who are entirely taking care of upcoming requirement including client communication, when ever we get any work request our business development team communicate with client, we offer all kind of data entry and processing.

How will you do my work?
Ans: First your work will be assigned to our data Analysis team who will understand your requirement and will make work strategy with time frame for the completion of work, than work will be handover to operation team under the supervision of Team Leader who will do quality check while process and after completion of work. We do second Quality check after completion of work by Quality Manager and work will be dispatched to client in the asked format and invoice will be raised

How much do you charge?
Ans: Our pricing is more on hourly basis that more depends on the kind of work, you can send us sample work so that we a give you best quote for given work. Our approximate price list is following Services Rates/Hour (USD)

What legal steps do you take for Data Security?
Ans: Once deal will be fixed we sign NDA (Non Discloser Agreement) with our every client and if they need any additional formality for there end we are ready for same too.

In which format will you provide the outputs?
Ans: This is more depends on the kind of work its is, and what kind of format you are looking for, we have all facilities to provide you outs like in MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, CDs etc (This point we do discuss the time when we are taking any new projects with the clients)

How much time will you take to start work?
Ans: We can start any operation within 24 hrs after your approval in case of urgent requirements we can start working on project immediately after finalizing of deal.

What if our work flow will increase without any prior notice?
Ans: We have talented staff who is capable enough to take the work, if that will increase any time, in addition of that we also have option to work 24 X 7 in various 3 shift. So we can compete given task with same quality within given time frame.

What system of the data transfer of the core files do you apply?
Ans: We have an FTP server, which can be used for transferring such files.

What you will do with my data after completion of work?
Ans: Data are always be in two form in case of hard copy we return back to you or if you wish we can destroy them after completion of work and we keep soft copy as a backup in secure place if that may need you in future. We assure for data security and not providing your details for any purpose to any third party

How much time will that take to complete the work?
Ans: That is more depends on the volume of work, for any work if you wish we can provide you samples so that you will be assure about quality and the turn around time for approximate no. of records.

Can you complete my work in high turn around time like with 24 Hrs. ? if yes is there any additional charges for that ?
Ans: We do give special facilities for our customers to complete given work on priority within short turn around time. There may be a very small additional charge for that, in most case we do not charge any additional charge but in case if work is bit critical we charge a small amount

What legal steps do you take for Data Security?
Ans: Once deal will be fixed we sign NDA (Non Discloser Agreement) with our every client and if they need any additional formality for there end we are ready for same too.

How can I make payment to you?
Ans: You can make payment by various payment options as PAYPAL, Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Money Booker etc.

Do we need to pay you any Advance payment?
Ans: yes we do charge a Advance payment that can be from 10% to 30% amount to manage our resource for assigned work to serve better and on time quality.

What about the Data security?
Ans: We use all kind of updated software and monitoring tools to make sure you data will be secure in all terms technically as well as manually. In additional of that we do destroy or return back the data to our clients as per discussion with them.

Will your give show me some sample work first? Do you also charge for sample work?
Ans: Yes we can show you sample work if you need, and we not charge for sample work, that will be absolutely free but there must be a limit of records like 10 to 100 records.

Do you provide any Discounts on Bulk or Huge work?
Ans: Our charges are very nominal for various Data Entry and Processing work that even you can compare in market. Still we may negotiable some time of the volume of work is more but again is more deepens on the kind of work and man power requirement etc.

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