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Outsource Data Entry India manages confidential business information of client organizations and is committed to keeping all the confidential data secure and undisclosed.

Our data security policy as follows:

Security of the documents

We never distribute original documents sourced from clients to our data entry professionals. We first scan the documents and then extract the data using text/image recognition and extraction technologies. Our operators only get access to the scanned images and extracted text that are sent to us for processing and not the whole of the documents. If required, we destruct the original documents sourced from our clients.

Security of the data

All the client source data is stored on centralized servers. Only the top executives have access to these servers. These executives are also nonexempt from the organization’s data security policies and their identity is also verified before they access the servers. Copying, downloading and printing the data stored on centralized servers is strictly prohibited and only the top executives reserve the right to distribute fragments of the data for processing purposes among operators. Hard copy documents are not distributed to operators.

Recovery of the data

Information technology systems have become growingly complex with changing times and sustained operation of these systems has become a sheer necessity in order to sustain business continuity. Statistics reveal that 43% of companies that lost crucial business data in some kind of disaster never resumed their operation. We make use of ‘bare metal’ data backup technologies to recover and restore data. We create multiple backups of client data only to ensure that not a single bit of data is lost. Powered by new-age technologies, we can restore the entire central server too. Our servers are Firewall protected and we also make use of best-in-class antivirus programs.

Privacy of the data

Outsource Data Entry India takes every possible measure to keep the client data confidential. We never let know the operators what projects they are working on for obvious data security purposes. We split the projects into different parts for ease of operation and for the sake of privacy of the data. Thus, operators only execute the job they are instructed to.

If you have any queries/doubts regarding our data privacy/security policies, please do not hesitate to Contact us. We would be happy to respond to your queries.

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